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We Create Your Idea to Your Business Plan

Don’t waste your time to get award on Startup funding, let’s us help you to reach the goal. 

We offer you both external and internal analysis so that you are aware of current situation of the market, your business strengths and weaknesses and your competitors’ status. With this analysis, we are confident that you will have a great start.

The analysis will be covered all of your requirement in order to gain more advantage from the situation of business environment.

Start with your valuable idea, we will, together, discuss and build the efficient business strategy and marketing plan which are suitable to implement with your business promotion.

Legal analysis: all relevant laws and regulations will be considered and extracted into intensive easy-understanding legal opinion and advice.

Legal documents drafting: if any legal documents e.g. agreements or notice is required, we are ready to do it for you.

Legal registration: We will help you with all required registrations e.g. trademarks, patent or domain name.

Any other areas as appropriately requested by the client.

Working together to understand the strength and weakness.

Analysis is the most important part of our job, we will think like an owner and work like an ant.

Sending our proudly present project to you. We believe that it will bring you happiness.

Our Team

We are highly motivated, team-oriented and highly experienced in providing legal advice and opinion in doing business focusing on business analysis, marketing plan and relevant laws e.g. digital economy law, intellectual property and investment law.

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